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Teen Girls are Thriving at ZOE’s Home for Youth in Los Angeles!

April 8, 2024


At ZOE, we’re dedicated to nurturing the interests and talents of the youth in our care. When they arrive at our home, often after experiencing unimaginable hardships, we strive to create a safe and stable environment where they can begin to explore their passions.

Recently, one of the youth at our ZOE Los Angeles home shared her interest in mechanics. Thanks to our partnerships with a community partner, a local church, and a nearby business, she is embarking on a paid internship at an auto body shop this week!

This opportunity not only provides practical skills but also instills hope and a clear vision for her future. Your support makes life-changing moments like these possible. Thank you for being a part of our mission to empower and uplift these resilient young individuals!


Want to get involved? We’re looking for business owners with unique careers who are willing to provide internships for the girls at the ZOE Home for Youth in Los Angeles! Contact Ester Yu.

Your Impact: Bringing Healing and Hope to ZOE’s Youth!

August 13, 2023


Thank You for Giving the Gifts of Healing and Hope to Our ZOE Youth!

Since its opening in August 2021, ZOE has served youth at our Acton, California home. ZHY is a safe haven for the girls we come alongside and serve, and you are part of their healing journey through your prayers and support! Located on a 50-acre property in North Los Angeles County, ZHY is a state-licensed short-term residential therapeutic program for girls 12-17 years old who are survivors of labor and sex trafficking.
The girls living at ZHY frequently comment about the ZHY staff. One of them shared, “I know that the staff really cares about me.” The ZHY staff could be doing any other job, but they are passionate about these youth and want to see them win.

Recently, ZOE’s Assistant Western USA Regional Director, Ester Yu, shared an update about the youth living at ZHY.

“The population that ZOE serves at ZHY has the highest level of needs for children in the care of the County’s child welfare system,” shared Ester. “Most have experienced the effects of trauma from domestic violence, substance abuse, being sold for sex or labor, sexual, physical, emotional, and verbal abuse, and more.

Since we opened the home in August 2021, we’ve seen encouraging success and restoration with the youth living at ZHY.

Overall, all the youth have improved healthy self-awareness, which has led to an understanding of their strengths, needs, and trauma reminders. Daily youth are learning to love themselves as they receive encouragement and love from the ZOE staff. Additionally, all youth living at the home have increased their capacity to regulate their emotions and develop new coping skills to navigate their trigger reminders successfully. Other youth are working on getting their IDs, driving permits, interviewing for housing after they turn 18 years old, and applying for jobs.

The ZHY staff work every day to show the youth what it means to have healthy relationships. They truly desire the best for themselves and their future.

Please continue to pray for our ZOE staff and the youth we serve at ZHY.

ZOE’s Home for Youth to Expand Its Restoration Services to Provide Mental Health for Youth Living in the Home

August 13, 2023


The issue of child trafficking in Los Angeles demands comprehensive, well-informed, compassionate, evidence-based solutions. Multiple experts have reported that youth who need healing from the trauma of being exploited and trafficked requires caring and flexible service providers who will tailor services to meet their individual needs.

The counseling room at ZHY is pictured above. When youth arrive at ZHY, they receive a comprehensive care plan that includes mental health services, if needed.

At ZOE, we’ve found love and flexible support to be absolutely essential to the healing process. The prevalence of child trafficking in our nation is deeply troubling. The harm to vulnerable youth is tragic. Through years of collaborative work in Thailand and the U.S., we’ve learned that children can experience safety, hope, and lasting restoration.

Thank you for supporting ZOE’s New Mental Health Program!

Many youths who are in our care at ZHY have experienced severe forms of trauma and have engaged in harmful activities to numb themselves and cope with their pain and stress. Having a mental health team on-site at ZHY allows timely crisis intervention to reduce the risk of harm.

Want to support ZOE’s Mental Health Program? Click here to donate today!

Get to Know ZOE’s USA West Coast Clinical Director—Lawrence Franklin

August 13, 2023


As ZOE’s USA West Coast Clinical Director, I have the privilege of working alongside our team as we care for our youth at our ZOE Home for Youth (ZHY) and through our Advocacy program. I’ve seen firsthand the healing and restoration that happens, and ZOE’s goal is to always reflect the heart of Jesus in everything we do!

Overseeing ZOE’s West Coast program and services with a clinical perspective, I work with our team to cultivate a safe, healthy, and therapeutic environment for the child trafficking survivors in our care. We provide training, clinical consultation, crisis support for staff and youth, therapy (as needed) for the youth, and therapeutic support for our ZOE team.

I work with our team to cultivate a safe, healthy, and therapeutic environment for the child trafficking survivors in ZOE’s care.

Growing up in Inglewood, California, I’m aware of the challenges that youth face in the inner cities. Raised by a loving family and having a close relationship with my father, I evaded a lot of the crime and drugs that my peers fell into. Family means everything to me, and I’m supported by my wife of 13 years and children (ages 5, 8).

As I engage with the youth at the home and listen to their stories, the reality is that many of these girls come from broken homes. Many of them have experienced severe forms of trauma and have engaged in harmful activities to numb themselves and cope with their pain and stress.

ZOE’s Home for Youth (ZHY) in Los Angeles is just one of many homes in the United States that we hope to build for young survivors of human trafficking. Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support to one day make this dream a reality. Thank you for joining us as we walk alongside these young girls in their healing.

ZOE International Receives Accreditation for its Home for Youth

February 8, 2023

In January 2023, ZOE Home for Youth received a 3-year accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). 

CARF quality standards have been recognized as a roadmap for quality practices. Consumers, their families, and the public look for CARF accreditation as assurance that providers strive to offer the highest quality services.

“To receive a three-year accreditation of this caliber, ZOE put itself through a rigorous peer review process,” shared Melanie Bunn, ZOE Administrative Specialist, and CARF team member.

“This process included 1600 business and operational standards and demonstration to a team of surveyors during an on-site visit that our programs and services are of the highest quality, measurable, and accountable.”

This voluntary process means that a service provider, like ZOE International, must go the extra steps necessary to earn accreditation by meeting international standards for quality and excellence.

This accreditation decision represents the highest level of accreditation that can be awarded to an organization.

One of our surveys, who’s been doing this for 26 years, said, “ZOE stands out as one of the top organizations I’ve met with!”

ZOE Los Angeles First Quarter Update

March 21, 2022

ZOE Advocacy Program

Thanks to you, our donors and partners, the children that ZOE serves in our Advocacy Program, and our ZOE Home for Youth experienced a wonderful Christmas, being reminded that they are loved and valued. More than 50 children in our Advocacy Program received items from their wishlists, gift cards, Christmas stockings full of gifts, and more, all donated! The holidays can often be a painful time for our children as they long to be with family they can’t be with or long to have a family of their own, often leading them to hurt themselves or engage in harmful activities. The youth were reminded by you how loved and precious they are. One child received a keyboard she requested to practice piano. Another child received a nail kit set to practice nail design, part of her future vocational goals. These are healthy activities to bring joy and positive coping skills. 

ZOE Home for Youth

At ZOE’s Home for Youth, the girls were all giddy for Christmas. “They asked if they could open their Christmas gifts at midnight instead of waiting until Christmas morning,” said Vickie McCoy, ZOE’s Residential Manager. As they opened the gifts they received, they screamed with excitement. The youth shared, “I have never received this many gifts before!” Material gifts cannot fill the pain and holes left by the trauma and abuse they have experienced, but celebrations with staff and each other, meaningful conversations, and messages of hope created a sense of family and belonging that they have not experienced in a long time or ever before.

Thank you to all our donors, churches, and partners who made this Christmas so special! 

Operation Reclaim and Rebuild

Operation Reclaim and RebuildAs part of the LA Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, ZOE partners with law enforcement, social workers, and other government and community agencies to help recover children from human trafficking and provide ongoing support to the children and families.

In February, ZOE took part in a week-long state-wide effort to combat human trafficking called Operation Reclaim and Rebuild. Sixty-five adult and 7 minor victims were recovered, 182 males were arrested for soliciting prostitution, and 30 suspected traffickers and exploiters were arrested.

We applaud the LA Regional Human Trafficking Task Force for doing a great job arresting traffickers and recovering victims of human trafficking during this week-long operation. “We need our police force to help us end child trafficking,” said Dave.

Please join with us and pray the survivors get the support they need and those who exploited others get the justice and resources they need to stop hurting others.