You Will Never Be the Same

My 8th Short Term Missions Trip

I just returned home from my 8th trip to Thailand. I was privileged to lead a team of 18 people from several different places across the United States, including Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and Los Angeles as well as Saudi Arabia.

Every time I go on a trip, it is different even though we do pretty much the same thing. ZOE team members are unique and it is fun to watch lives being changed right in front of you. This trip was the first time for me to be part of something new on the team schedule called “Cultural Day.” The day starts with team members being assigned to a ZOE Family. Whatever the ZOE Family is doing for the morning, the team member also does with them. Some team members received a Thai name and played games. Another group played games, and made fried bananas and fried sweet potatoes. One of the groups had to go and harvest vegetables from the garden. This team said it was really hard work.

Later that evening, the team provides a cultural experience from America for the whole ZOE Family. This team put on a Thanksgiving meal and shared about Thanksgiving.

If you or someone you know is interested in being part of a short term missions trip to Thailand to be with our ZOE Family, check out information about our short term missions trips. You will never be the same!

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